ShopArhive appears to be a Scam

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Bought Window 7.0 Home Premium from on October 1, 2011.Three months later when Microsoft is updating I get a message that I don't have a genuine version of Window 7.0.

Naturally its beyond the 45 day dispute window at PayPal, so they do not do anything for you. They even market that they have Microsoft genuine software on their site with the genuine Microsoft logo. I spoke to Microsoft and they stated that the validation key was from returned software. Emailed ShopArhive last week and no response.

I believe I have been scammed.

Just go buy your software at reputable store or Microsoft and save yourself some frustration.

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My company is a reseller. I called microsoft about them and reported their services about a month ago and they are now closed down.


I too and another business were scammed by more than $1,000.DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT ALL FROM THESE CROOKS.

THEY ARE BASED OUT OF ROMANIA! I've bought copies of windows 7 pro, home premium, and ultimate they are all failed.

Also bought copies of office and they too failed.Wish there was a way to go after these crooks. are Thiefs

Chicago, Illinois 0 comments selling Windows Key that is Wrong and does not support you.

Do not buy anything from the. This site should be baned.

I am going to launge a complain in BBB.

I purchased the Windows 7 home premiums and it was activated and after 6 months it is not working now. I sent them the email and they sent me another copy but that is also not working.

I have sent emails amd also called Micrsoft but no luck.

There should be a process to block these websites to stop selling the things like this. I am going to complain to paypal anf visa also

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Shoparhive - is will steal your money with an illegal code catcher to give you your key code.

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Wish I had seen the previous review for this company.

No problem with this company until, less than 6 mos. later, suddenly I have an unauthorized Windows 7 copy. Lots of screen shots later, I got a new key code to replace the original.

The company would NOT give my money back, instead giving me a new key. After several attempts, I finally got the new key to work.

Less than 3 mos. later, I am unauthorized again. If I had wanted an illegal key code, then I would've gone to a friend of mine.

I'm not even bothering to go back to this company for my money, just trying to spread the word that this site is a sham, giving out illegal software keys and will definitely rip you off. Spread the word.

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I never had any problem with this company I bought serveral Vista keys off of them retail back when Vista was released and never had a problem I transferred the retail key from one pc to another and of course had to call MS and never had a problem makes me wonder if you have just had a problem with installing the key on more than one pcat a time for your black screen and could have been a honest mistake on their part too and the key got issued twice. are crooks

Everett, Washington 25 comments
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I have every reason to believe these people are crooks. I purchased and downloaded Windows 7 Professional from them. The first license key they sent was an invalid key. After emailing and complaining, and jumping through their hoops to do screenshots and run diagnostics to prove the key was invalid, they sent me an updated key. The Windows activation process reported the updated key as being blocked by Microsoft. Hmmmm. Now they are not responding to my requests to resolve the matter. Interestingly enough, the only way to contact these people is via email.

Here are a number of red flags:

No phone number.

Online support chat never works - only redirects to online email form.

The only payment option is PayPal.

Payments go to Vader, Inc.

Unable to find any company by the name of Vader, Inc.

Whois information on the domain registrar goes to, which is a way of keeping the registrar info hidden.

Buyer beware. This is a shady operation. I can only assume that I will never get the product I paid for, nor will I get my money back. My only option at this point is to report them to Microsoft anti piracy division and possibly file an IC3 report/complaint.

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I thought shoparhive was a trusted site..Obviously not..

i am so peed off atm.. i dont know what to think..

cant micrsoft make windows with set keys to tell the difference between a dev key and a home user key?easy enough for them to put it into updates...


They now have a mirror site called Same folks, PayPal payments go to Vader Inc.


Everyone should report them to microsoft...I spoke to them on the phone today and they are very interested in persuing companies that are selling counterfeited software...also note that she told me too send my copy in and they will send me a valid one back for free.....I got their number through the microsoft website and she was very nice about everything. Hope this helps!


I wish I had known about this company as well.I had to re-build my system and re-install my SW.

Guess what came back and said it wasn't real. So, I talked to MS and they said it was MSDN which meant nothing to me at the time. It does now. Problem is I cannot get any help from Shoparhive or any type of response from them.

I am really ticked off and I will do my best to make their lives miserable by posting everywhere I can that they are not a reputable dealer. First place is going to be letting the ABC TV station in the Bay Area know about them. They have a "7 on Your Side" segment.

Second place will be facebook and then twitter.Then I will contact my friends on the East Coast asking them to let their friends know as as well.


Well, it took almost three weeks, but I received a new key from them this past weekend (5/14/11).I typed it in and apparently it's good...for now.

We'll see in three months, maybe I should call Microsoft now to make sure it's not an MSDN key :zzz I don't know, the potential is there for a customer to get screwed (look at my situation) but so far they've replaced the key when something went wrong...:roll


I purchased windows 7 from them about a year ago; the first key was disabled by MS for being a MSN key.I contacted them and they replaced the key...Fast Forward one year, and I'm sitting at my computer when the sceen goes black and in the lower right hand corner it says "This copy of Windows is not Genuine"...I call MS, they tell me that ShopArhive returned the key for a refund and they in return disabled the key.

I've been trying to get a response from them for two weeks now...nothing! DON'T BUY FROM THESE GUYS!!!

I'm reporting them to MS and anybody else that will listen!:(


i purchased Micrsoft office 2007 in 2007, everytime, i have crashed my computer, it been a pain in the ***!!!Microsoft says my key is invalid and I am still waiting for a valid key.

Anytime PLEASE!!!!

Shoparhive has not got back to me after the screeen shot...Hummmm....


Please ignore my previous complaint.They resolved the issue and the windows software is installed and registered.

It took alot of work, but the people at did not ignore me.They helped to the best of there ability.


I too have been burned by these guys.I obtained the files and a key.

The Key provided was completely invalid. When I went for resolution there site was down.

I have sent multiple e-mails and reported them to resolution yet.


Bought Win7 Ultimate.It installed OK so I bought Office.

This also installed OK. Then I went to rebuild my PC after a disk crash. Windows 7 loaded but would not activate. Office would not load- it was an MSDN copy that timed out Microsoft said it was not for retail and should not have been sold at all.

Meanwhile I get a message on Win 7 saying the Key has been blocked by Microsoft. Sure Shoarhive asked me to dounload screen shots etc but how much time do you waste on a losing bet.


They have more than one site. My advice, from someone who has been caught, No phone, no address means keep clear.

PayPal limits your liability but also gives sellers something to hide behind.They don't cover losses on downloads & this is clearly stated.

Max N.

Purchased 10/26/10 MS Win7 Pro Upgrade with 3 licenses. Used 1 license to upgrade to 64bit from Vista Home Premium.

I was able to activate, but on 12/21/10, I attempted to load XP Mode. During the process the system was check for being valid, and was declared as being fraudulent.

When I tried to open, there was a declairation that the site name was for sale.

When I tried to open a case with PayPal, they closed it immediately with the comment that the transaction was more than 45 days ago.

Because of the way MS works, the 45 day limit is unreasonable.

In that PayPal made no attempt to rectify the the problem, that makes them as guilty of fraud as Vader Inc., and I will be very wary of doing any further business through PayPal.

I will attempt to try to get a refund through my credit card company.

Thank you for your time, Max


I've bought a lot of stuff from them and yes their keys work, but then 3 or 4 months later try and use them again .... they no longer work because they are blocked my MickeySoft.

Shoparhive will issue yo a new key they have done so for me twice already, but I am sure they will also be blocked.


I purchased $100 worth of software on theri site, never received the product, and can't get my money back. They accused me of committing fraud.


According to MS they are a chinese reseller not authorized to do business in the US. You will get NO SUPPORT from Microsoft for any MS product purchased from


how many times will you buy a download just to prove they aren't crooks ?? dumass foreigner's dummmer than a box-o-rox.


I'm glad I googled this company the prices seemed to good to be true. Thanks


Doesn't RonnyL realize his incredibly poor grammar makes it clear he's part of this offshore scam?


Just bought Windows 7 Pro.The first key got blocked after a week.

Complained, and got a new key which is still working. Contacted MS support and they confirmed that both keys are so-called MSDN licenses. I asked shoparhive for the agreement number which allows them to resell MSDN licenses.

Got no reply!So it's only a matter of time before MS block the current key.


typo correction..

Isn't that the point of this site?


@mulch: Yes, I have every reason and right to complain about not getting what I paid for.Besides, isn't that the of this site?

Did you come to to find rainbows and unicorns? I don't have time to fully investigate every single company I buy online from. I didn't have to post a warning here, either.

I'm just trying to help prevent the same thing from happening to others.Cheers.


i got 2 keys today and all was ok , they both registered fine. i buy from this shop from 1.5 years and all was fine .


Wait you downloaded an OS from somewhere that you didn't research before?then you moan when the product key is not valid?

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Ya can't beat it.

I have 7 lots ready to have a house built right now.Git em while ya can!


To follow up, they did give me a refund.But getting two invalid keys in a row and reading similar stories from other customers is a good reason for me to steer clear of them in the future.

It's just too fishy.

The person emailing me couldn't even sign with his name.They want to stay anonymous for a reason.


I buyed 3 times from them and all was ok . To me the key was register with MS each time . I thinking to buy again from them , i will buy next week and let you know guys....


Ditto Kiddo!I too have been scammed just the same.

I purchased this product on 4-6-10 and when I went to apply the activation key that was given to me I rec'd the notice that this key had been blocked by Microsoft.This is obviously a scam operation.

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